About Us

FlavoLogic is an internationally active company with experience in numerous fields of food and food processing, gathered during more than 25 years of experience in a world-leading food company and in the years of FlavoLogic since 2011.

We offer consulting services and project management in all areas concerning the flavour of products and flavour-influencing processes to companies around the world. We deliver apersonalized and engaged service, developing tailored solutions for your objectives and technical challenges. You can profit from our broad range of experience in the area or food and beverage technology, as well as our knowledge and understanding of the links between sensory analysis, instrumental analysis and flavour chemistry. We apply scientific knowledge to the benefit of industrial applications. With us you can discuss your business strategies regarding the aroma and taste of your products. According to your needs, we develop plans and define actionable steps, allowing you to reach your objectives in an efficient and results driven way.