Consulting and external R&D

According to your needs and business strategies we develop plans and define actionable steps, which allow you to reach your targets in an efficient way. We act as an external R&D department and support you whenever it is needed – flexible and result driven. All rights and generated intellectual property remain in ownership of the client.

Product Development

The design of new products or market innovations, which truly meet consumer expectation is challenging. With tailored concepts and joint evaluation of data from instrumental aroma analysis and sensory, we support design and optimization of your recipes and products. We study consumer expectations with objective tools and define approaches and actionable steps. With this targeted approach you will be in the position to make products, which give you competitive advantage over competitors.

Flavour Technology and Processing

We can help you to prevent the loss of valuable compounds during processing and gain back high-quality aroma. In this way, you can improve the flavour quality of your products, optimize ingredient use, or even unlock the opportunity of selling materials which are otherwise discarded.

Process Development

We support you through all stages of process development – from idea generation and prototype development, to product monitoring and productivity enhancement. Together we develop new processes or investigate your current processes generating target flavour profiles. The potential of ideas are assessed by testing handmade prototypes as well as small scale production lines in our pilot plant.

Quality Assurance

With the help of analytical aroma profiles and sensory data we assess product quality and use this data as guideline for product assurance. Quick and precise aroma measurements from production specify the product and variability can be monitored and minimized. Cost reduction and quality improvements can be achieved at the same time.