Together with our partner laboratories we offer a broad range of analytical services to handle aroma-related topics. We provide standard analytical solutions or adapt analytical methods to your customer needs. Additionally, we implement analytical methods in your facilities and train you on your equipment.

Aroma Analysis

Various types of aroma analysis methods are available. We help you to identify a suitable methodology and give you guidance in data interpretation and definition of next steps.

  • Standard methods available:
  • Isolation and purification of aroma compounds via solvent assisted flavor evaporation (SAFE)
  • Instrumental analysis of aroma compounds via gas chromatography (GC) with
    • olfactometry (GC-O)
    • flame ionization detection (GC-FID),
    • mass spectrometry (GC-MS, GC-MS-MS)
  • Quantitative determination of aroma compounds via stable isotope dilution analysis (SIDA)

Off-flavour Analysis and Prevention

Off-flavours are taints in food products caused by the presence of undesirable compounds or an imbalance of aroma compounds. They can originate in raw materials, from chemical changes during food processing and storage, and from micro-organisms. Off-flavours are a recurring issue in many food products.

In case your product is impacted by an off-flavour, we will identify its chemical nature. The off-flavour can then be traced back to a specific production step, ingredient or additional material. To keep down-times short and avoid delay of deliveries, we respond and act quickly to solve the problem.

Sensory Analysis

Our expert sensory panel is trained in recognizing hundreds of different odorants according to standard methods. This expertise can be used to identify and rate intensities of characteristic odor and taste attributes of a product.