We offer a number of high-quality products for your sensory and analytical needs and well as flavours for food, confectionary and beverages, available from our existing portfolio or tailored on-demand.

Private Flavours®

– Tailor-made flavours for unique products.
We provide you with tailor-made flavours for conventional or highly specialized applications. Together with you, we develop new flavour recipes according to your target flavour profile. As an additional service, we assist you in optimizing the costs of existing flavours by reducing complexity or substituting expensive ingredients. Furthermore, we identify opportunities for flavour stabilization in order to prevent off-flavour generation. In any case you can decide if you would like to produce your aroma on your own or if we should become your supplier.

Sensory Standards

We provide sensory standards for training and calibration of your sensory panels. This is very important for developing a common language and consistent intensity ratings. We deliver odor and taste standards relating directly to your products – regarding both flavor quality and intensity. On demand you get these standards in small pack sizes to guarantee reproducibility over extended periods of time.

Analytical Standards

We develop and deliver tailored analytical standard solutions enabling you to ensure accuracy and reproducibility of your own analytical methods. On demand standard compounds are synthesized – if necessary also labeled with stable isotopes for quantification by GCMS. To the benefit of a best possible accuracy and long term stability, you can get all solutions in concentration ranges which fit to your method and in small pack sizes.